A spectacled bear sits on wooden logs in a green enclosure with lush vegetation in the background.

Spectacled bear enclosure at Duisburg Zoo

Experience the spectacled bears in their element at Duisburg Zoo, presented by Winkendick GmbH - where nature conservation meets visitor experience.

Insight into the world of spectacled bears: Duisburg Zoo's enclosure highlight

Experience nature at eye level - meet the spectacled bears

Immerse yourself in the ecosystem of Duisburg Zoo, where the extensive, near-natural enclosure of the South American spectacled bears offers a rich biodiversity and habitat experience. Opened in 2012, the thoughtfully designed viewing niches and interactive elements such as ponds and visitor huts allow guests to experience a rare proximity to these impressive animals while observing them in their natural behaviour.

A spectacled bear climbs on a gnarled tree trunk in its enclosure.

Close-to-nature design meets species protection: the spectacled bear enclosure

Landscapes designed by Winkendick GmbH - authentic and lively

In the heart of Duisburg Zoo, the spectacled bears have found an environmentally friendly home that amazes visitors. Thanks to the expertise of Winkendick GmbH, a facility has been created that gives the spectacled bears the opportunity to develop to their full potential with high-quality, sustainably sourced plants and a landscaped environment. Every detail of the plant selection promotes the bears' natural behaviour and actively supports species conservation.

Two spectacled bears in a natural enclosure with trees and rocks.

Would you have known?

A lesser-known fact about spectacled bears is their role as important pollinators in their ecosystem. During their feeding frenzies they consume large quantities of blackberries and other fruits, the seeds of which they disperse widely, helping to regenerate plants and maintain biodiversity. In zoos, little is often said about how challenging keeping spectacled bears can be. These bears are naturally very fond of climbing and require complex, vertically structured habitats that allow them to fulfil their natural inclination to climb.

Illustrated exotic plant without stemIllustrated exotic plant without stem