A path through a zoo or animal park, flanked by tall pampas grasses and other green plants. Two people are walking along the path, surrounded by natural rocks and wooden structures, with a large net over the area, presumably to protect or demarcate the area. It is a sunny day and the light is filtering through the netting, adding depth to the natural colours and textures.

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Expansion of the habitat: New elephant park at Münster Zoo

A new home: larger, more species-appropriate and with natural diversity

The new elephant park at Münster Zoo, which opened in June 2013, marks a milestone in the animal welfare initiative by offering the elephants more than three times as much living space over 5,000 square metres. The innovative park includes a new bull house with three spacious stables and a large bathing pool that contributes to the elephants' well-being. The landscaping around the elephant enclosure, enriched by the botanical expertise of Winkendick GmbH, creates an appealing ambience and promotes biodiversity-friendly plant life.

An elephant stands in a green forest, its trunk is raised and its tusks are visible.

New home for spectacled bears: Adventure-packed enclosure at Duisburg Zoo

Innovative insights into the life of South American spectacled bears

Experience the fascinating world of the South American spectacled bears in their new, near-natural enclosure at Duisburg Zoo. Opened in 2012, the enclosure with its lush planting and special climbing structures offers the bears a species-appropriate and varied home. Visitors enjoy well thought-out views: be it over pond views, from protective huts or through high viewing windows. The botanical diversity, supplied by Winkendick GmbH, emphasises the zoo's commitment to an immersive nature experience.

A spectacled bear sits on wooden logs in a green enclosure with lush vegetation in the background.

Natural habitat: The new gorilla enclosure at Duisburg Zoo

Sustainable habitat design for gorillas with native planting

Duisburg Zoo proudly presents the newly designed gorilla enclosure, a piece of wilderness that shows the majestic gorillas in a natural and stylish environment. Working closely with Winkendick GmbH, a habitat has been created that not only emphasises the beauty of these large primates, but also meets their natural needs. With carefully selected plants and landscape elements, the enclosure provides the gorillas with an optimal environment that encourages their natural behaviour and amazes visitors.

A gorilla leans relaxed against a tree trunk in its enclosure with a lush, green and rocky landscape in the background.

Interactive animal world: Sparkasse Adventure World at Duisburg Zoo

Encounters in the discovery house and the budgerigar aviary

In 2011, a large adventure world was created for young and old. While the petting zoo shows visitors the diversity of important farm animals, the discovery house shows a section of the animal world that humans have brought into their homes. There is also a large aviary that visitors can walk through, where they can get up close and personal with a huge flock of budgerigars. Winkendick GmbH supplied the plants for the cottage garden, the shrubs and the bamboo plants for the budgerigar aviary.

Two green budgerigars facing each other on a branch and appearing to communicate.

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