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An interesting aspect that is often overlooked when it comes to zoo animal nutrition is the complex and specialised nature of the food plants required for different animal species. Zoos need to grow or source a variety of specific plants to mimic the animals' natural diets and ensure their health. An example of this is eucalyptus leaves, which are essential for koalas as they live almost exclusively on this plant. We offer you all kinds of food plants.

Illustrated exotic plant without stemIllustrated exotic plant without stem

Architecture for green living spaces

Innovative interior design for species-appropriate and near-natural habitats in zoos

Winkendick GmbH specialises in designing green habitats for zoo animals by combining interior architecture with specific plants and food plants from the animals' home regions. Our designs promote natural behaviour and animal welfare by mimicking their natural ecological conditions. We work closely with our project partners to ensure that each element meets the needs of the animals, creating sustainable, dynamic ecosystems within zoos.

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Choosing the right plants for enclosures and as food is crucial for the health and well-being of animals in zoological facilities. Plants play a diverse role: they not only serve as food, but also as part of the natural habitats used to create enclosures

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Our services are impressive. With us you have a partner at your side who will fully incorporate the plants into your project. From advice to conception to delivery, we provide everything you need.

Species protection

We support organisations that work to protect species.


We have specialised in shipping plants for over 30 years.


You can reach us almost around the clock by phone or e-mail.


We have been working with plants for over 30 years.


We only supply you with the highest quality plants.

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We always deliver the plants on time by prior arrangement.

Experts in zoo landscaping and forage plants

Your specialist for natural zoo environments and high-quality forage plants.

Winkendick GmbH is revolutionising zoo landscaping and forage plant supply in Europe. We specialise in species-appropriate enclosures and first-class food for zoo animals. Our expertise ranges from the selection and cultivation of specific forage plants to the complete design of animal habitats, always focussing on sustainability and animal welfare.

Each project is considered individually to create optimal conditions for animals and an authentic experience for visitors. With our holistic approach, we set new standards in zoo design. Find out how we can help your zoo achieve a more natural ambience.

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