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We about us

Discover Winkendick GmbH - your partner for creative and sustainable solutions in zoological gardens.

We about us

Over a quarter of a century of experience in the beautification of zoos and animal parks

Since our foundation in 1993, we have specialised in the design and development of zoological gardens, animal parks and wildlife parks. Our focus is on the creative planning and realisation of facilities that are equipped with a variety of plants, natural materials and suitable accessories. Our extensive expertise has enabled us to realise numerous successful projects both in Germany and throughout Europe. We are proud to have made a significant contribution to the beautification and functional improvement of zoological facilities. Working closely with biologists, ecologists and other experts, we ensure that our solutions are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also ecologically sustainable and species-appropriate. We pay particular attention to ensuring that the natural living conditions of the animals are respected and promoted. Our projects are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also serve to educate visitors and raise their environmental awareness by integrating informative elements and emphasising the importance of biodiversity and nature conservation.

Reiner Winkendick - From passion to profession

The visionary founder with an engineering background and a heart for tropical birds

Reiner Winkendick, the founder of our company, contributed his expertise as a mechanical and environmental engineer before turning his passion for breeding and keeping tropical birds into a career. This passion led to the business idea of equipping zoos and animal parks with plant habitat ranges. The breakthrough came with a project at Duisburg Zoo, and the success continued with other major projects, such as at Berlin Zoo. Reiner Winkendick continues to expand his expertise by travelling extensively and conducting research in natural habitats.

Reiner Winkendick surrounded by plants.

Dr Stephanie Winkendick - Science meets business management

The biological expertise behind our innovative projects

Dr Stephanie Winkendick complements the management team at Winkendick GmbH as a biology expert. After completing her studies at the University of Hamburg, she has now been firmly anchored in the company for seven years. Her scientific training and her knowledge of biology help us to keep our services and projects at the highest scientific level and always adapt them to the latest state of research.

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What you can and should expect from us

Our services offer you comprehensive services from A to Z, so that you can know that your project is in the best hands with us.

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We support organisations that work to protect species.


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