Two green budgerigars facing each other on a branch and appearing to communicate.

Sparkasse Adventure World at Duisburg Zoo

Experience interactive nature and animals up close in the Sparkasse Adventure World at Duisburg Zoo.

Encounter with the world of farm animals

Educational petting zoo experience at Duisburg Zoo

Opened in 2011, the Sparkassen-Erlebniswelt at Duisburg Zoo offers a comprehensive learning experience for the whole family. A wide variety of farm animals are presented here, from fluffy rabbits to majestic horses. Visitors have the opportunity to stroke the animals and learn more about their care and importance in our ecosystem, making the petting zoo an interactive educational experience.

Several cows in one barn

Interaction and discovery

The discovery house and the aviary at Duisburg Zoo

At the heart of the Sparkasse Adventure World, the Discovery House attracts visitors with a special selection of domesticated animal species. The exploration tour continues in the aviary, where guests can come into direct contact with a flock of lively budgerigars, which is a highlight for young and old alike. The green oasis of the aviary has been enriched by Winkendick GmbH with a selection of plants that mimic the birds' natural habitat and contribute to the atmosphere.

A panoramic view of a rural visitor centre with flowerbeds and trees.

Would you have known?

Something many people may not know about budgies is their remarkable ability to socialise and learn. Budgerigars are extremely sociable birds and can mimic a variety of sounds and melodies, including human speech. What is less well known, however, is their talent for teaching each other. In the wild, young budgerigars often observe and imitate the behaviours and foraging techniques of their parents and conspecifics. This type of social learning allows the group to adapt to changing environmental conditions and acquire new skills.

Illustrated exotic plant without stemIllustrated exotic plant without stem