A pensive gorilla gazes into the distance, surrounded by lush greenery.

Gorillabush at Duisburg Zoo

Explore the gorilla world at Duisburg Zoo: a combination of natural design and education.

Gorilla habitat: A reflection of nature at Duisburg Zoo

Harmonious enclosure design for the well-being of the gorillas

Duisburg Zoo has created an artistically designed gorilla enclosure that reflects the natural splendour and grace of these animals. By using carefully selected plants and natural elements, this habitat not only provides the gorillas with a home that encourages their instinctive behaviour, but also underlines our commitment to environmentally conscious design and the protection of these impressive primates.

A gorilla leans relaxed against a tree trunk in its enclosure with a lush, green and rocky landscape in the background.

Encounter with gorillas: education and recreation at Duisburg Zoo

Insights into the life of gorillas through natural environments

The new gorilla enclosure at Duisburg Zoo invites visitors to observe the majestic gorillas in an environment that replicates their natural habitat. Winkendick GmbH has created an oasis that combines recreation and learning with a thoughtful selection of flora that not only improves the gorillas' quality of life, but also provides visitors with an educational proximity to nature.

A young gorilla hides curiously behind green leaves.

Would you have known?

A lesser known detail about gorillas is their ability to "transmit culture" within their groups. Similar to humans, gorillas can develop complex behaviours and pass these on within their group. For example, some gorilla groups use specific techniques to gather and process food that are not practised by other groups. These cultural differences show how adaptive and intelligent gorillas are, and how important social learning processes are for them.

Illustrated exotic plant without stemIllustrated exotic plant without stem